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mediadiary -- the annex

to maintain a file is to engage in the controlled experience

you are what you consume
This is a list of books, movies, memorable magazine articles, and general media I consume. This seemed like a good place to keep track of what I stuff into my brain on a daily basis. Editorial rants and memorable quotes may or may not be included. I started this journal in May 2003 because I like to make lists, record quotes, and ramble at length on the movies I've recently seen or the books and articles I've been reading, but if I were to catalog everything (as I'm trying to do here), it would seriously intrude upon my friends' friends lists.

This is not where I showcase how cutting edge and erudite I am. If anything, I guess it's a geeky celebration of the books I read (mostly academic, not new, and most likely I heard about it from you or somebody's bibliography) and the films I watch, whether I like them or not. Inclusion in this journal is not necessarily endorsement. Since music and bite-sized magazine and newspaper articles are such a large part of my media diet, this won't be an exhaustive catalog of those acquisitions, unless something really strikes me or I feel the need to squirrel away titles in this memory bank.

I no longer own a television, but I remember it fondly.

Every entry is meant to be a work in progress, allowing me to amend and edit my commentary as I see fit. Please don't consider any of these writings "polished", by any means. This is mainly an attempt to use LiveJournal's ready-made organizational features to my advantage. Also, please note that nearly all my movies contain spoilers, especially my jottings on old Taiwanese movies. At this point, I figure the material is rare enough that just knowing what it's about is a greater priority than keeping plot details secret.

This journal is not designed to build a friends roster.

This is a record of my life-long interests, hobbies, and developing research interests. As of August 2006, it is also going to be a [partially-unlocked] log of readings as I begin my doctoral program. I hope I know what I'm doing, and if not, I hope to learn real fast.

Due to spam, comments are currently limited to registered users. I'm not here as often as I used to be, but since this is a permanent account, I'm still trying to make use of it.

And she should keep a special little file for her master agenda, which she writes and rewrites just for herself and perhaps for discussion with friends. From time to time she ought to review this carefully and purposefully, and sometimes, too, when she is relaxed. -- C. Wright Mills

人們因為能忘卻, 所以自己能漸漸地脫離了受過的苦痛, 也因為能忘卻, 所以往往照樣地再犯前人的錯誤. ... 救濟法就是各人去買一本 notebook 來, 將自己現在的思想舉動都記上, 作為將來年齡和地位都改變了之後的參考. -- Lu Xun

... it is not necessary to know everything in order to understand something. -- Clifford Geertz

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